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Mission Statement

Our Mission

We seek to develop new international events and cooperation all over the world, including China and Asia. Our company is located in New York City with team members in the US and China.  

Our goal is to create high-quality international events in natural scenic areas with well-known cultural and historic landscapes, establish international brands, attract international participants, promote the development of local tourism resources and local economy. 

We promote exchange and cooperation between China and organizations worldwide through the platform of endurance sports tourism


President & CEO, GRTD Inc. Founder of He is the Co-Founder & Director of Asia Endurance LLC. Mr. Huang has been the managing director of the Sports & Events Center, CTS Sports Travel Services Co Ltd since 2013, creating marathon tour business in China.


Mr. Huang is from Beijing, China and is currently a resident of New York with a passion for endurance sports. He was a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing before being accepted as a graduate student in the US. He received graduate training at Duke University and Graduate Center, CUNY, and received a PhD in Demographics in New York in 1994. As a financial professional he was an employee at American Express, Citigroup, and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

What we do?

Introducing World Marathon to China

Mr. Huang created the Marathon Tour business in China working as Managing Director in the CTS Sports Travel Services CO, LTD creating the Run China brand name. RunChina is the first international tour partners of London, Berlin, Chicago, and the New York City Marathon in China, and the first Tour Agent that presents the World Marathon Major in Beijing, Shanghai, and Haikou Marathon Expo.  

London Marathon
Belfast Marathon
Berlin Marathon

Promoting China Marathon to the World



Since 2014 RunChina has been developing many partner events such as Yellow Mountain Ultra race, Wuyi Trail race, Siguniang Ultra race Jinshanling/Mutianyu/Shanhaiguan Great Wall Marathon, and working with many others, such as  Leigong Mountain, Genghis Khan MTB Grassland, Beijing/Shanghai/Zhengkai Marathons as Promoters. 

Siguniang Ultra Race
Yellow Mountain Ultra
Wuyi Trail Race
Run The Great wall

More About Our Company History

  • Our mission statement: “Experience the Grandeur, Conquer the Wall and Claim Your Glory.” Running upon the Great Wall is a dream of runners all around the world. We are a global pioneer in promoting and selling China marathon events across the world and international marathon events in China.
  • We will bring you races that allow you to witness the magnificent architecture of the Great Wall, all while on the most challenging course in the world. We promise the best race experience in which you can enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery. 
  • In order to provide the best possible service to our participants, we develop programs and full packages including extensive tours for major cities and landmarks, delicious Chinese food, experience of Chinese folk culture. 

“Experience the Grandeur, Conquer the Wall and Claim Your Glory.”

  • Through our Great Wall running series, we advocate peace, friendship, sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle. 
  • Listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, the Great Wall is considered a cultural inheritance of the human race. We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to protect and inherit the inspiring spirit of the Great Wall . A Great Wall Conservation Foundation will be set up through this platform. Funding will be used for the protection and restoration of the Great Wall, the development of Great Wall resources, the creation of Great Wall literature, art and film, Great Wall research as well as the establishment of the Great Wall Museum.